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This is our cemetary birthday postcard. It's provoking and shocking. Ideal for any fans of evil music to send to friends and family! All of our high quality Black Metal postcards are made in Belgium by Metalheads for metalheads!


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by pretty-evil
on 6/8/2010
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From Roman L. Creator of Black Metal Postcards.   Black metal is the music of sheer power and raw emotion.  Once it grabs you, it never let's you go. I am pleased to say that in these years of being a metal musician in several bands and a true dedicated black metal fan, I would not have wished to have it any other way. Metal is truly for life and no amount of outside force ( especially from bosses, girlfriends and parents ) can change it. I encourage this in all the metal maniacs I meet! From the moment you accept your responsibility as a true metalhead, the opinions of others ceases to exist. That's the way it should be anyway. Playing shows in Europe, recording new albums and visiting great festivals are the best experiences I had so far. I live for metal today and will do so for many years to come. Black metal postcards were created as a way to bring black metal into daily life and make boring hollydays more dark and sinister. I hope you have a good time on this page and I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions and comments. Stay true! Stay dark!